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Video Inspection

What is plumbing video camera inspection?

When a home or a business has a problem with the drains back up or sewer line, it is essential to reach the root of the problem. Any plumber can come and snake the line in the hope of clearing the debris. However, without a proper camera inspection, you will never be able to know the exact cause of the plumbing problem. Without adequately fixing the problem, the issue will quickly come back again.

Video cameras are considered to be the most valuable tools in plumbing. These plumbing cameras are waterproof and designed specially to allow the plumbing technicians to conduct a complete visual inspection of the sewer lines and other underground pipes. This also includes pipes under cement and the home’s foundation.

Drain Fast Plumbing is dedicated to providing you efficiency and accuracy in all plumbing related services. We offer plumbing video camera inspection services to diagnose the plumbing problems of the homeowners. Our camera equipment helps us determine the exact cause of the problem and where it is located.

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Why do people request video camera inspection services?

Aside from being accurate, cost-efficient, and non-invasive, customers request video camera inspection services for many reasons. Our video inspection services are the best way for you to prevent any future emergencies or determine the problem’s leading cause and location. You might need the plumbing video inspection for the following reasons.

Video Inspection

Another benefit of using a video camera for inspection is the ability to see before and after. This provides customers with video and images of the problem before and how things look after the problem is cleared.


Retrieving any lost items

Sometimes people lose a sentimental or a valuable item down the drain, and it can be a headache. Drain Fast Plumbing Inc. can help you save your time and money by video inspection and locate your missing item.


Inspecting potential homes

Suppose you like to be sure that you won’t inherit any plumbing problems from the property’s previous owner. In that case, you can schedule a video inspection of your potential home with our plumbing experts.


Inspection septic systems

Our inspections help you to monitor the exact condition of your septic system. With our video camera inspection services, we let you know when repairs or maintenance are necessary.


Remodeling inspections

Before you start remodeling your kitchen or adding a bathroom, it is better to make sure the plumbing system can withstand any new additions. You also have to see whether it can handle the increased waste and flow.

What to expect from Drain Fast Plumbing Inc.?

Our expert plumbers will show up with the inspection equipment. Typically, our plumbers will access the sewer line from the clean-out section of the pipe. Usually, this is located outside of your home near the base of the foundation.

Our expert team of plumbers will feed the camera through the clean-out and into the sewer line to perform a detailed inspection. Our plumbers will reset the distance, so when there is a problem, we exactly know the location of the problem and length of the issue into the line.

During this whole process, we record a video of your sewer line, and our plumbers watch a monitor in order to determine what and where the problem is. After finding the problem, we then pinpoint the location by using a beacon that is attached to the head of the camera. This shows us the exact area of the concern if the broken pipe is to be replaced.