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Sewer Line And Excavation services

Typically your sewer line runs beneath the lawn in front of your property, and it then leads you to the main sewer line or the septic tank system in some cases. When this line is damaged or clogged, then it is time to excavate and replace it. When you undertake such a vast project, you need a plumbing contractor that is dependable and trustworthy and has experience handling such jobs. Drain Fast Plumbing has the knowledge and skills that you need for the sewer lines and excavation services.

Drain Fast Plumbing Inc. has seen and done it all over the last 20 years in the industry. 

 We are a team of experts that you can depend on for the crucial sewer line and excavation services. Nobody in the market has the training, tools, and experience that we can offer you. You will find us quick, respectful of your property, and offer you quality workmanship and materials to quickly achieve the best possible result.

 Troubleshooting issues before digging

Before starting, you have to make sure that digging up your sewer line is the right solution to resolve the plumbing related problem. Drain Fast Plumbing will help you to make sure that the issue is because of the pipe failure rather than any blockage or clog that stops it from working correctly.

Tree roots can also be a big reason for blockages. These tree roots usually get into your pipe through gaps or cracks that are extremely small in size. These roots then grow and expand to the point where they eventually clog up the plumbing lines.


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Why Dig Up the Sewer Line?

Before you begin digging up your sewer line, you should keep in mind that your sewer line’s excavation should be the last option. Several services are available to remove the clogs and get your sewer line working, as long as the pipe is in working condition. If your current plumbing line is completely damaged and is not working correctly, then it is time for you to undertake an excavation project. Drain Fast Plumbing Inc. performs the following types of sewer line and excavation work.


Sewer Line And Excavation

External Excavation

Exterior excavation is the most traditional excavation type that consists of tunneling down towards the sewer pipes from the outside. This is the type of excavation is generally done through your yard. This way, the workers get down to the sewer lines so that they can work on them.


Interior Access Excavation

This way of excavation consists of excavating the pipes through jackhammer slab penetration. A jackhammer is normally used to dig a hole to the source of the leak. The interior access excavation can be invasive within the home when there is a leak in specific locations and could result in flooring needed to be replaced.



Re-routing the new sewer lines around the outside of the structure is the least invasive of the excavations, as it can be conducted without disturbing much of the ground area. Cured-in-place piping is a re-routing type that provides you with a new pipe with the old one by pulling a pipeline in the existing pipework. Then pressure is applied to the lining to make it expand to fill the existing pipe.

Combination Methods

There are many types of sewer lines that end up having a combination of methods for repairing. While the cured-in-place piping is mostly trenchless, it sometimes requires the drilling of access holes for the piping to run through to place it within the old piping. This method is ideal if your home depends on the unique layout and repair situation.