R.M.S.  Queen Mary 

Beautiful, elegant, and even bigger than the Titanic, the Queen Mary was considered an extraordinary ocean liner traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. It sailed from 1936 to 1967 on the North Atlantic Ocean before it was retired and turned into a hotel in Long Beach, CA.

Interesting Facts About R.M.S. Queen Mary, Long Beach CA

Here are some interesting facts about the finest ocean liner:

  1.    Estimated cost

All good things come with a hefty price tag! The Queen Mary was built at Clydebank for about £3.5 million, which is around £223 million today.

Wow! That’s huge.

  1.    How did it get that name?

It was named after Mary of Teck- the wife of George V.- hence the name, Queen Mary.

The Queen inaugurated the ship after cutting a ribbon. She even celebrated the happy occasion by breaking a bottle of wine. However, the ship had its maiden voyage on 27 May 1936 from Southampton to New York.

The R.M.S. in the name is short for “royal mail ship.” It had a contract with the government for carrying British mail.

  1.    The built the Great Ship

The ship was 1018 feet long and weighed more than 81,000 tons. It was one of the largest ships built until that time.

The Popular Mechanics article gave the title “the Sovereign Ship of the Seas” for its brilliant technological innovation.

  1.    The luxurious facilities

The ship had five huge dining areas to serve the passengers. It boasted two swimming pools, beauty salons, and a magnificent ballroom. These luxuries impressed the royals, celebrities, politicians, and elite passengers, who loved their experience on the ship.

If we talk about the voyages it completed, the ship made exactly 1001 transatlantic crossings in the mid-20th century.

  1.    Role during World War II

The Ship served as a troopship for World War II. It carried soldiers to the battlefront and even got a new look for the purpose.

After the war ended, The Ship required ten months to be ready for commercial service. It returned to the seas in July 1947 and remained a famous ship for the next two decades.

  1.    Why is it in Long Beach, CA?

If you are wondering where the ship is today, it stands as a hotel in Long Beach, California.

The Ship had its final voyage on 31 October 1967. It docked in Long Beach, CA, on 9 December in the same year. Since then, the ship has been standing there as a tourist attraction featuring a hotel with fine dining facilities, a museum, and restaurants.

  1.    Is it haunted?

The mysterious stories  say that the ship it’s haunted. Let me tell you a scary story- it has been reported that 49 deaths occurred on the ship during various journeys.

What more? The instant temperature changes, slamming and knocking doors, scary screams, the flickering of light. All these are experiences shared by people.

So before you book, think again!


The famous Ship  earned a reputation for its extraordinary service. The retired ship in Long Beach, CA, has a remarkable story still remembered by everyone.

 When visiting The Queen Mary  In Long Beach


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Queen Mary