Museum of Latin American Art

the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) is the only museum in the United States committed to promoting Latin-American and Latina Art

Museum of Latin American Art

Located in Long Beach, California. The Museum exhibits both modern and latest art-pieces.

In 1966, Dr. Robert Gumbiner took the first step to establish a museum that would showcase Latin-American and Latino modern art in Long Beach, CA. The art center now serves to educate about modern art and hosts different cultural events.

The Museum also conducts various educational programs to extend the bounds of knowledge and admiration about the culture of Latin-Americans.

Background of Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach CA

The Museum of Latin American Art is located in the growing East Village of Long Beach. From 1913- 1918, the base- now in use of MOLAA- was inhabited by a film production company, which was one of the best of its times, the Balboa Amusement Producing Company.

The building was innovatively used as the offices and galleries located in a roller-skating rink, the Hippodrome. Even the storage area is built in the Hippodrome. The roller skaters enjoyed the area for 40 years after the building was evacuated by the production company. The tall ceilings, strong wooden floors, and the vast area aided to roller skating and down the line in establishing a museum.

In June 2007, MOLAA modernized and redecorated the establishment worth $10 Million. This included the construction of many new offices, a research library, storage areas, and an attractive lobby. It further added a film-screening space, an art studio, and a 15,000 sq. ft sculpture garden.

MOLAA’s expansion enabled more output production in terms of a larger physical capacity of 55,000 sq. ft. to host more events and give more to society.

Sculpture Garden

The only Museum in the States to present modern and chic Latino Art in Long Beach, CA, also has a unique sculpture garden. Following the legacy of vivid colored Latina courtyards and the water element, the garden has tall walls with incarnate and innovative designs.

It is further adorned with vivid and eye-catching colors and two glamorous yet sophisticated fountain pieces, water running and bubbling. The north of the garden plays the role of a central objective- mainly an entertainment locale. There are also small areas to provide more privacy and intimacy.


The Long Beach, CA’s Art Museum owns artworks by some of the most amazing and renowned Latin-American artists. Prominent names include Dario Escobar, Daniel-Rind Ramos, Juan Vicente Gómez Landaeta, and many more.

Furthermore, the Museum also has a constant and irreplaceable collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and even photography and video art.


The biggest achievements of an art museum primarily consist of successful exhibitions. Fabelo’s Anatomy by Robert Fabelo in the States and Frida Kahlo’s photographs display in 2014 resulted in 60% more memberships.

Additionally, the work of artists such as Oswaldo Guayasamín, Wifredo Lam, etc. are also included. The Museum is also successfully affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution which is a group of museums. Lastly, MOLAA also opened its doors to the Chicano art and now represents all of the Latino Society.

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Museum of Latin American Art