Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

Are you looking for a perfect location to host an upcoming event in Long Beach, California?

Consider the Convention & Entertainment Center in Long Beach, CA, where you can host a memorable event.

Let us learn more about the center.


About The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center is a multipurpose complex located at the hottest spot in North America. From the high-class services to scenic views, there is so much about this place that makes it divine.

The entertainment complex offers more than 400,000 square feet of area to cater to your meetings or events needs.

The center has recently undergone a massive renovation. They have invested $50 million to offer a modern taste to the event space, making the arena at the forefront look splendid.

Facilities Offered

The spacious center in Long Beach, CA, is home to various venues, including the following:

  •       Exhibit Halls

The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center features three multi-faceted exhibition halls for different events. You can utilize the halls separately or get the combined space for some grand events.

  •       Long Beach Arena

If you want to host an epic event, the Long Beach Arena is here to serve you. Whether it’s a concert or an ice-skating show, the arena offers a magical space to throw perfect events.

The Pacific Room features splendid lighting and an extraordinary sound system, making it an out-class space for concerts, seminars, graduation ceremonies, and more. You can raise or lower the ceiling that adds a dramatic intensity to the event.

  •       Theaters

The theaters also capture your attention because of its cheerful ambiance and other amazing features, such as enhanced lighting and quality sound system.

  •       Ballrooms

The center features four ballrooms- each with a unique design to suit your needs. Plan your next dance event, find your perfect fit, invite people to the event, and these magical ballrooms are sure to steal the show.

  •       Meeting Rooms

Whether it’s a business meeting or a conference session, Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center caters to all types of gatherings. It has 34 meeting rooms, along with many unique indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. You will appreciate the special treatment and all the technological updates available in these rooms to ensure effective meetings.

  •       Promenade Atrium & Plaza

The beautiful skies meet the luxurious enclaves in Long Beach, CA. The Promenade Atrium & Plaza offers a picturesque space for different types of events. The LED-lighted palm trees and traditional lamps add extra glamour to the enchanting place. This space is suitable for receptions, music concerts, fashion events, cars, and other events.

  •       Food

From a touch of Californian food to the diverse cultures of the West coast food platter, you find everything at this venue.

So, are you ready to have a lifetime experience of happy moments coupled with high-end services at Long Beach, CA?  Plan your next event at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center and discover the dreamy possibilities.


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Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center