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Line Location Descaling Services

Why descale the pipes?

The cast-iron pipes naturally corrode and build up the inner lining walls with minerals, rust, grease, and gunk over time. Corrosion is caused because of regular contact with rusting and moisture that naturally occurs. As time passes, these issues tend to worsen, and the pipe starts to become weaker.

We are aware that the pipes are in consistent contact with water that causes rust naturally over time. Rust is corrosive and causes blockages, and slows down the rate at which the water tends to flow through the pipes. This causes the pipes to back up or drastically slow the flow of water. This is the time when you require pipe line location descaling.

Usually, tap water has a high mineral content, which can negatively affect your plumbing. If your drain backups are unresponsive consistently to the de-clogging methods, then there are chances that your pipes have scale build-up. Drain Fast Plumbing is your source for line location descaling the cast iron pipes.

Although the heavy-duty pipes are a solid plumbing material, there are also disadvantages that the hard and rusty deposits can build up over time on the interior of the line. Similarly to the barnacles on a ship, the pipe scale catches solids that can immediately cause drain blockage.

This is the right time when our experts recommend your  line location descaling or cleaning the rust from your pipes. Nobody likes to deal with nasty clogs, but the truth is that it happens from time to time. This is why you need Drain Fast line location descaling services to do the job for you. Allow the Drain Fast experts to perform a sewer line video inspection and discover the exact location and reason for your backups.

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Line location Descaling

If you have not cleaned the pipes for some time, we highly recommend you to consult our sewer line experts. Drain Fast Plumbing Inc. will discuss your options and create your maintenance program that is reasonably and efficiently priced.



A back surge of dirty water in bathtubs and sinks etc


Slow draining laundry lines or bathtub


A foul odor that comes from the drains

The descaling process

When the homeowners contact a standard plumbing service about a block in the sewer line, most service providers’ usual response is to use a snake for line clearance. This only solves the problem temporarily and can cause the scale to build up again.

Descaling typically uses a rotating cable with attachments at the end to scrape off any corrosion from the inner walls of the pipe. It is essential to utilize the descaler instead of a jetter because the cast iron corrosion will significantly weaken the pipe strength over time, and hydro-jetting can further this issue. The line location descaling process is designed especially for the cast iron pipes, and it happens to produce the best possible results.


Benefits of pipe line location descaling

Descaling is considered to be one of the most economical ways to remove waste from your pipes. It can improve the performance of your plumbing and help your pipes last much longer. Luckily for you, Drain Fast Plumbing can take care of descaling the pipes. We even offer you our emergency line-location descaling services 24/7. The following are the benefits of pipe descaling.

  • There is no inconvenience to the customers when the work is in progress.
  • The pipe descaling requires no jetting; therefore, high-pressure water flooding would not be an issue.
  • Your pipe will be clear of any scaling for many years after this service.
  • Throughout the descaling process, usually, you can use the line.