Hydro Jetting

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Hydro Jetting Services

Drain Fast Plumbing Inc. is equipped with the most advanced pipe clearing equipment in the industry. When rooting and any other pipe or drain cleaning methods don’t work, Drain Fast offers an effective, safe, and eco-friendly solution that can clear the lines quickly and at a low cost compared to the traditional repair and replacement methods.

 We use a Commercial-grade hydro jetting machine, That offers a far more effective alternative to remove blockages from pipes no matter what the reason is.

What is hydro jetting, and how does it work?

Hydro jetting is a procedure that uses water sprayed under high pressure to clean out a sewer pipe. 

This cleaning technique may be required if your main drain is badly

clogged. The good news is that hydro jetting is among our professionals’ services at Drain Fast Plumbing Inc.

 This Process works in a reasonably simple way. First, the plumber finds a cleanout plug. This particular place in the plumbing system allows a plumber to access the pipe from inside. When the cleanout is opened, a hose is placed inside by the plumber that sprays water through the pipe. 

The pressure can be as high as 5000 pounds per square inch, and some hoses are fitted with scouring heads to clean hair, grease, soap scum, limescale, and any other type of debris from the internal lining of the plumbing pipes.

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Why Drain Fast Plumbing for Hydro Jetting?

At Drain Fast, we use top-of-the-line equipment to give you the highest quality service and ensure a very safe environment when performing the system cleanings. 

We use not only the best equipment but also the latest equipment from reputable manufacturers. You cannot risk doing the hydro jetting projects by yourself, as it requires a professional to operate the machinery.

These machines usually operate at high power. Therefore, our technicians are extensively trained to understand the right pressure settings and know how to use the device.

Drain Fast hydro jetting services indeed are the professionals to handle the job, and our team is equipped and capable of doing any related work. Whether it is pipe blockage, backed up sewer, or looking for preventive maintenance, Drain Fast Inc. services are there to help and will be glad to assist you.

Hydro Jetting

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

This process of clearing drains is now considered to be the preferred pipe and drain cleaning method. It is a fantastic option when traditional pipe-cleaning methods become ineffective or cannot reach what is clogging a pipe.


Hydro jetting is such a versatile pipe cleaning process that can clear the clog of any size, in any pipe, and a lot quicker than the traditional methods.


Pressurized water breaks up the clogs and rinses the pipe. It passes through the drain and line, and there is no material or debris to clean up.


This method is very affordable as there is no digging required or need to break through the walls. Therefore, the expenses of messy work are entirely eliminated.


The hydro jetting method doesn’t use any hazardous chemicals. It relies only on water that is pumped at high pressures to get the job done.



Not only is hydro jetting an immaculate process, but it also helps you get rid of the gunk that can be contaminated with bacteria and other pathogens.